Boike Damhuis

Veha Plastics B.V. and Student Industrial Engineering and Management

Who am I?

When I was 13 I started developing software applications for the iPhone and iPad. I learned to develop software myself, without any training.

The development of these so-called apps took a lot of time. On request, companies are provided with custom apps.

The hobby of programming is still active, whether or not in the "app world" but in the control of fine electronics and web systems.

I am self-taught, and have learned myself a lot. Some examples are: The complete Adobe CC package, 3D CAD drawing, Web Programming, App Programming and many other software applications. Besides being handy with the use of the computer, I can also handle most types of tools. Welding, turning, milling, woodworking or adjusting an internal combustion engine are no problem for me.

In my period at the HAVO I worked on our family business IDRO, where we made custom made sportswear. Here I prepared the production with my knowledge of Adobe and subscribing. I was also active in R&D.

At the moment I am studying Technical Business Administration at the Saxion in Enschede. My propaedeutic year is neatly completed in the first year, and I have completed a successful internship at Flexxolutions GFS B.V.

After having worked for almost 2.5 years as a general employee at Lidl GmbH, I started working at Veha Plastics B.V. in 2018 as a Sales & Logistics employee. Besides Veha Plastics B.V. I also take care of some tasks at Atec Solutions B.V., both of which are part of Talentgroep Twente B.V..

For questions, remarks or just because it's fun you can contact one of the mediums below. You can also always send an email to, I try to answer them as soon as possible!